The human resources are indispensable for existence and growth of the Company. The devotion and professionalism of our employees are the values and conditions for achieving objectives from Management.
The Company CERIOLI is committed to develop the skills and competencies of each employee so that the energy and creativity each of them will be in full expression and realization of their potential.

The Company CERIOLI is offer for all employees the opportunity of job, so everyone can enjoy equal treatment based on merit, without discrimination.

The personnel availability with appropriate knowledge, qualifications, experiences and professionalism are an essential element for ensuring contractual commitments and the level of quality established.

The Company CERIOLI has in medium 45/50 specialized employees for the assigned duties employed. The operating personnel at the shipyard is divided into specialized teams equipped with high-level technicians which manage the construction of works and ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the established SAL, the Specifications and technical clarification of Clients.

In moments of heavy workload or for particular processes CERIOLI is supported by subcontracted specialized in the same area with which are established a good relationship of mutual cooperation.